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ALEXSANDRA-WRIGHTMusic manager Mathew Knowles has really dropped the ball when it comes to his four-year-old son Nixon. Knowles is way behind on his child support and now the child and his mother, Alexsdandra Wright, were just evicted form their quaint home.

According to reports, Wright and her son were packing up their belongings and moving into a local shelter as they wait for Mathew Knowles to pay the child support he owes which is in the tens of thousands. Knowles famously went to court and got his child support payments reduced because his income has drastically decreased. The judge granted the reduction in support but told the music manager that he had to catch up on back payments. He has yet to do so. 

Paparazzi camped outside of Wright’s home as she and young Nixon packed boxes. Wright shed some tears and laughed at memories made in the home before they left.

Althoug she needs the child support from Mathew Knowles, she’s also waiting for Knowles to act like a real father to his son. Wright did an interview with “Inside Edition” where she told interviewer Jim Moret, “You’ve seen more of my son than he has.”

Hopefully, Knowles coughs up the 44, 289.32 so that Alexsandra Wright can get off of food stamps and find her child a new home.


SOURCE: TheUrbanDaily.com

Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily


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